CS 197U - Spring 2019

Introduction to Unix


Lectures will be posted a day or so in advance.

Date Lecture
1/28 Lecture 1: Administrivia, About Unix, Command Line, Shells, User [PDF]

Stanford Film Short on Batch Processing (~2 minutes)
1/30 Lecture 2: Directory Structure, File System, Basic Commands, Setting Up Linux [PDF]

Linux Command Reference Sheet
Vim Commands Reference Sheet
VirtualBox (VM Software)
2/4 Lecture 3: System Commands, Redirects & Pipes, Shortcuts, Text Manipulation [PDF]
2/6 Lecture 4: Permissions, Processes [PDF]
2/11 Lecture 5: Compression, Mounting, Package Managers [PDF]
2/13 Lecture 6: Remote, Networking Commands, SSH, Version Control [PDF]
2/19 Lecture 7: Make, System Administration, Cron, Startup, Users and User Groups [PDF]
2/20 Lecture 8: Shell Scripting, Development Tools [PDF]
2/25 Lecture 9: Voted Topics Part 1 [PDF]
2/27 Lecture 10: Final Review and Guest Lecture (Rachee Singh)
3/4 Lecture 11: Voted Topics Part 2 [PDF]
3/6 Lecture 12: Final Exam