CS 197U - Spring 2019

Introduction to Unix

Course Information:

Instructor: Arun Dunna, [email protected]
Lectures: Mondays/Wednesdays, 4:00pm - 5:15pm
Location: LGRC A301
Office Hours: Fridays, 1:00pm - 2:00pm, LGRT T220 OR By Appointment (email)
Piazza: Here

Please keep questions/notes/comments to Piazza; it helps me keep track of emails. Office hour appointments should be sent via email, please keep the rest to Piazza.


Attendance: 10%
Final Exam: 25%
Quizzes: 25%
Labs: 40%
Participation (Bonus): 5%

Attendance Policy:

Coming to class is highly encouraged, so attendance will be checked and graded. Only athletic events, health reasons, or other extenuating circumstances (such as family illness) will count as excused. Post a private note to Piazza or send me an email if this comes up.

Devices Policy:

Please take notes on paper, cardboard, stone tablet, etc. You are expected to bring a laptop to work on your labs in class on Wednesdays, but otherwise please do not use them. If you do not have a laptop to bring, please let me know. Please do not use phones or other devices during class.

Late Policy:

Quizzes may not be submitted late. Labs turned in late will be marked 20% off for each day late. After 3 days, labs can be turned in at any point for a maximum of 40%.

Exam Information:

The final exam will be on the last day of class. You will have the whole class session to do it, and you can leave when finished. I will post exam content on Piazza about a week in advance.

Academic Honesty:

Follow the official academic honesty policy. Don’t cheat. This class will help prepare you for future CS courses; Googling all the answers on quizzes won’t help you any in the future.