CICS 191 - Fall 2020

FYS - Applications of Computer Science

Course Information:

Instructor: Arun Dunna
Lectures: Mondays, 10:10am - 11:00am, 1:25pm - 2:15pm
Location: V I R T U A L on Zoom (see course email or Moodle)

For questions/notes/comments, please email or ask during class.

A note about why this course topic exists:

I created this course topic to address two goals:

1. Build and present a repository of knowledge about CS degrees, the field of CS as a whole, the use of CS degrees, and what you can and should do during and after your B.S. degree. Most importantly though, is how to do the things you can/should do, and why.
2. Create a dynamic course where the content changes depending on the students. For this reason, the first lecture is used to determine the flow of the rest of the course - which can be adapted to the students at any time.

If at any point, you feel that these two goals are not being worked towards or you have additional content you want to be covered in order to satisfy these goals, please send me an email or bring it up during class.


Assignments: 100%

There will be 5 written response questions (150 - 300 words) throughout the course, each being one “assignment”. As long as you submit 4/5 of these (done via Moodle) and meet the minimum requirements for each, you recieve an A for the course.

Attendance Policy:

It is expected that everyone attend the virtual Zoom lectures if their time and location allows for it.

Lectures will be recorded and posted to Moodle afterwards for those unable to attend.

Zoom Etiquette:

Please adhere to the following Zoom guidelines:

Thanks for your cooperation!

Academic Honesty:

Follow the official academic honesty policy. No sharing work, copying from Internet sources, etc.