STASiS - A situational analysis system

Github Repository

Noticing dangerous situations and reacting to them can often lead to a difference between life and death. Often times, noticing these critical situations is hard for people since it might require looking at lots tiny details and putting them together. Our solution to this: computers!

With the increase in computational power in the last 5 years, computers have gotten exponentially faster, analyzing and moving heaps of data. With tools like Clarifai, TensorFlow and Caffe now open to the masses, it has become easier to combine these systems to build tools that are capable of collecting large amounts of data and processing them into usable data.

Our inspiration for this situational analysis system came from real-life projects such as DeepMind, as well as fictional icons such as Person of Interest. While in some fictitious shows the system is used as a tool for monitoring people, we want our tool to be used for potentially dangerous situations which could save lives without being intrusive and respecting privacy.

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